Composition & Sound Design For Video Games & Visual Media

MEGACOPTER - Original Soundtrack

The original soundtrack to MEGACOPTER: Blades Of The Goddess by PizzaBearGames.

Released on Bandcamp 18 June 2018, as Digital Download/Streaming & Limited Edition Cassette.

  1. Blades Of The Goddess (Titles)

  2. Reptoids (Destroy I)

  3. Blood Lust (Seek I)

  4. S.C.U.D. (Destroy II)

  5. AZ-TECH (Seek II)

  6. Wave Incoming! (Destroy III)

  7. Obsidian Butterfly (Seek III)

  8. Boss Fight: Reptoid Copter

  9. Air To Surface (Destroy IV)

  10. Hunter (Seek IV)

B A L L A R D (DATA068)

Original soundtracks for the short fiction of J. G. Ballard. 

Released on Bandcamp 25 February 2018, as Digital Download/Streaming, Limited Edition Cassette, and Vinyl via Data Airlines.

Side B

Based on the short stories 'News from the Sun', 'Memories of the Space Age' & 'Myths of the Near Future' by J. G. Ballard. 

The space grounds along Cape Canaveral lie empty. Space flight has brought about a psychic fissure: a fugue inducing space sickness. Humanity succumbs to a debilitating, timeless trance. A lone astronaut, haunts his victims among the deserted Florida hotels.

Side A

Inspired by the short story 'The Zone Of Terror' by J. G. Ballard.

After a nervous breakdown, Larsen retreats to a desert resort under the care of psychologist Bayliss. A series of psychoretinal hallucinations begin to evolve, induced by Bayliss' course of psilocybin treatment; the spectres of translucent men walk amongst the uninhabited chalets, as Larsen falls outside of time.