Composition & Sound Design For Video Games & Visual Media

All Hallows’ II

Soundtrack and interactive narrative experience with Dallas Campbell.

Released on Bandcamp 25th January 2019 as Digital Download/Streaming and Limited Edition Cassette.


35 years ago investigative journalist Ellis Ledstone admitted himself as a patient to an alternative healthcare facility, The Shepard Institute Of Psionic Inquiry. 6 months later, police would break down its doors to discover the remains of a dozen patients in The Institute’s basement. Until now, the events leading up to that night have been largely withheld from the general public. For the first time ever we attempt to piece together that story. 

All Hallows’ II includes the unaltered case files of the events of 1983. The reader is encouraged to come to their own conclusions by examining the interviews, reports and artefacts within. 

All Hallows’ II is a full length soundtrack album by transatlantic synthesists Robin Ogden (OGRE) and Dallas Campbell. The sequel builds upon the previous instalment of All Hallows’: slasher synth chase sequences, atmospheres laden with powerful dread and eerie soundscapes score a true horror story, track by track, to thrilling and cinematic conclusions. All Hallows’ II is a conceptual narrative journey into cults and the occult, unfeeling cosmic horrors, and the unplumbed darkness of the human condition. 

The Chairman - Original Soundtrack

The original soundtrack to The Chairman, directed by Frank White IV.

Released on Bandcamp & MEGATAPES, 20 August 2018.


Unsanctioned by the board of directors at their powerful multinational, The Pantheon Group, Joy and her supervisor, Vincent, run an experiment on telepathic abilities. Katie, an unwilling research subject and powerful psychic antenna, prepares to silence the chaos in her head by drowning. Her father Miguel, held in a nearby warehouse, must intervene by contacting his daughter telepathically, or watch her drown via hidden cameras. When the experiment is ultimately interrupted by a call from corporate headquarters, Joy must return to the office and face her reclusive, unnatural employer, the Chairman. 

The Chairman is now streaming via Amazon Prime (U.K. / U.S.A.)

MEGACOPTER - Original Soundtrack

The original soundtrack to MEGACOPTER: Blades Of The Goddess by PizzaBearGames.

Released on Bandcamp 18 June 2018, as Digital Download/Streaming & Limited Edition Cassette.

  1. Blades Of The Goddess (Titles)

  2. Reptoids (Destroy I)

  3. Blood Lust (Seek I)

  4. S.C.U.D. (Destroy II)

  5. AZ-TECH (Seek II)

  6. Wave Incoming! (Destroy III)

  7. Obsidian Butterfly (Seek III)

  8. Boss Fight: Reptoid Copter

  9. Air To Surface (Destroy IV)

  10. Hunter (Seek IV)

B A L L A R D (DATA068)

Original soundtracks for the short fiction of J. G. Ballard. 

Released on Bandcamp 25 February 2018, as Digital Download/Streaming, Limited Edition Cassette, and Vinyl via Data Airlines.

Side B

Based on the short stories 'News from the Sun', 'Memories of the Space Age' & 'Myths of the Near Future' by J. G. Ballard. 

The space grounds along Cape Canaveral lie empty. Space flight has brought about a psychic fissure: a fugue inducing space sickness. Humanity succumbs to a debilitating, timeless trance. A lone astronaut, haunts his victims among the deserted Florida hotels.

Side A

Inspired by the short story 'The Zone Of Terror' by J. G. Ballard.

After a nervous breakdown, Larsen retreats to a desert resort under the care of psychologist Bayliss. A series of psychoretinal hallucinations begin to evolve, induced by Bayliss' course of psilocybin treatment; the spectres of translucent men walk amongst the uninhabited chalets, as Larsen falls outside of time.