II: Pilgrim With A Broken Sword - Out Now

II: Pilgrim With A Broken Sword is now available via Bandcamp for streaming and digital download.

A Second Synth and Sorcery tome for bold adventurers everywhere.

Summoned to a masked ball in the loftiest court, break through fiendish illusions to thwart the coup of a profane wizard. Venture deep into the subterranean warren beneath the city, seeking fortune and old magic in the wending catacombs of a buried civilisation, and carve your name upon the annals of legend.

The dungeon moulders with the unfortunate bones of erstwhile adventurers. Will you emerge victorious, or join the legion of undead lurking in the stygian deep?

Written and recorded March to May 2018.

Conceived as an analog synth soundtrack for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The second instalment of many.

Total Runtime: 38:01