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II: Pilgrim With A Broken Sword - Out Now

II: Pilgrim With A Broken Sword is now available via Bandcamp for streaming and digital download.

A Second Synth and Sorcery tome for bold adventurers everywhere.

Summoned to a masked ball in the loftiest court, break through fiendish illusions to thwart the coup of a profane wizard. Venture deep into the subterranean warren beneath the city, seeking fortune and old magic in the wending catacombs of a buried civilisation, and carve your name upon the annals of legend.

The dungeon moulders with the unfortunate bones of erstwhile adventurers. Will you emerge victorious, or join the legion of undead lurking in the stygian deep?

Written and recorded March to May 2018.

Conceived as an analog synth soundtrack for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The second instalment of many.

Total Runtime: 38:01

All Hallows' II - Out Now

All Hallows’ II is now available via Bandcamp as digital download and limited edition cassette.

35 years ago investigative journalist Ellis Ledstone admitted himself as a patient to an alternative healthcare facility, The Shepard Institute Of Psionic Inquiry. 6 months later, police would break down its doors to discover the remains of a dozen patients in The Institute’s basement. Until now, the events leading up to that night have been largely withheld from the general public. For the first time ever we attempt to piece together that story. 

All Hallows’ II includes the unaltered case files of the events of 1983. The reader is encouraged to come to their own conclusions by examining the interviews, reports and artefacts within. 

All Hallows’ II is a full length soundtrack album by transatlantic synthesists Robin Ogden (OGRE) and Dallas Campbell. The sequel builds upon the previous instalment of All Hallows’: slasher synth chase sequences, atmospheres laden with powerful dread and eerie soundscapes score a true horror story, track by track, to thrilling and cinematic conclusions. All Hallows’ II is a conceptual narrative journey into cults and the occult, unfeeling cosmic horrors, and the unplumbed darkness of the human condition. 

The Chairman - Original Soundtrack

The original soundtrack to The Chairman, directed by Frank White IV. Now available via Bandcamp as Digital / Streaming and as Limited Edition Cassette from MEGATAPES.


Unsanctioned by the board of directors at their powerful multinational, The Pantheon Group, Joy and her supervisor, Vincent, run an experiment on telepathic abilities. Katie, an unwilling research subject and powerful psychic antenna, prepares to silence the chaos in her head by drowning. Her father Miguel, held in a nearby warehouse, must intervene by contacting his daughter telepathically, or watch her drown via hidden cameras. When the experiment is ultimately interrupted by a call from corporate headquarters, Joy must return to the office and face her reclusive, unnatural employer, the Chairman. 

This Is The Police II

The original soundtrack to Weappy's This Is The Police II is now available via Bandcamp and Boss Battle Records. 


A cold and harsh border town riven with violence, where no one is completely innocent. Smugglers, gangs, and screaming populists call this town their home. To maintain peace and order, the young sheriff Lilly Reed (Sarah Hamilton - The Longest Journey) will have to team up with fugitive criminal Jack Boyd (Jon St. John - Duke Nukem), and pray that her dangerous plan doesn’t spiral out of control. 

Interpret the law as you see fit in This Is the Police 2, sequel to the acclaimed noir drama This Is the Police. Run the sheriff’s department, manage your cops, investigate, interrogate, and incarcerate. Make tough decisions – and try to keep out of prison yourself! – in this story-driven mixture of adventure, strategy, and turn-based tactical combat. 

MURALS & Lesser Demons - Limited Edition Cassettes

Limited Edition Cassettes now available via Bandcamp

The Field Recordist's Guide To: Summoning Lesser Demons

Pad printed black shell, loaded with pro dubbed Type I ferric grade tape. Silk 180gsm heavy duty J-card. Strictly limited to 50 copies. 


Pad printed clear shell, loaded with pro dubbed Type I ferric grade tape. Silk 180gsm heavy duty J-card. Strictly limited to 50 copies. 

B A L L A R D (DATA068)

Original soundtracks for the short fiction of J. G. Ballard.

B A L L A R D is a remastered selection of cues from The Psychic Zero and The Cosmic Fugue, with new cover art by Signalstarr.

Available now from Bandcamp Digital Download/Streaming, Limited Edition Cassette, and Vinyl via Data Airlines.

Side A: Inspired by the short story 'The Zone Of Terror' by J. G. Ballard.

After a nervous breakdown, Larsen retreats to a desert resort under the care of psychologist Bayliss. A series of psychoretinal hallucinations begin to evolve, induced by Bayliss' course of psilocybin treatment; the spectres of translucent men walk amongst the uninhabited chalets, as Larsen falls outside of time. 

Side B: Based on the short stories 'News from the Sun', 'Memories of the Space Age' & 'Myths of the Near Future' by J. G. Ballard. 

The space grounds along Cape Canaveral lie empty. Space flight has brought about a psychic fissure: a fugue inducing space sickness. Humanity succumbs to a debilitating, timeless trance. A lone astronaut, haunts his victims among the deserted Florida hotels.

The Rise Of The Synths - Official Companion Album

The full length album compiling The Rise Of The Synths EP1 & EP2, plus bonus tracks. Available now via Bandcamp from Lakeshore Records. 

The Rise Of The Synths is the definitive documentary about '80s retro electronic music, '80s nostalgia, and the synthwave music scene. 

In support of film, Lakeshore Records is releasing an Official Companion Album, featuring exclusive music from many of today's influential synthwave artists. 

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The Field Recordist's Guide To: Summoning Lesser Demons

Now available via Bandcamp.

Acousmatic tape music and found sounds, captured in the esoteric field, and arranged for analog and modular synthesizers. 

Total Runtime: 31:41

The Field Recordist's Guide to Summoning Lesser Demons is a concrète sound journey through the liminal, forgotten spaces of South West England, processed and manipulated through cassette tape. 

Recorded March & April 2017

Night Of The Living Dead Rescored - Cassettes

Night Of The Living Dead Rescored cassettes are now available via Bandcamp from Lakeshore Records and MEGATAPES. 

In partnership with Lakeshore Records, Megatapes presents OGRE & Dallas Campbell’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Original Motion Picture Rescore on cassette.

Runtime: 100 minutes
O-Card Slipcase with 4-panel J-Card Norelco Box
Transparent Black Shell
Artwork by John Bergin


Now available via Bandcamp.

Murals is an all hardware performance, captured in one take to a haunted Tascam Portastudio. A sound painting adventure in Kosmische sequencing, improvisation and imaginary landscapes. 

Total runtime: 30:08

Arturia Microbrute, Kawai Pro-Soloist, Korg MS-20, Korg Poly 800, Korg Volca Beats, Korg Volca Keys, Moog Mother 32, Moog Minitaur, Novation Bass Station Rack, Roland VP-03, Tascam 4 tracks, Tape Loops, Yamaha SU-10.

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Night Of The Living Dead - Original Motion Picture Rescore

A new score by synth masters OGRE and Dallas Campbell for the classic horror film, available now via Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon and all good digital outlets from Lakeshore Records.

Night of the Living Dead was directed by George A. Romero. Criticised at the time for its explicit gore, the film has since garnered critical acclaim for its sharp social commentary and for launching the popular genre of zombie horror. It has been selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the National Film Registry as a film deemed 'Culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant.'